by The Loafing Heroes

This second official Loafing Heroes album, also recorded in Berlin, is named after a friend’s dog in Andalucia and has turned out to mean quite a few things in different languages. The record is playful and varied, and is the first one that is mixed and produced by longtime collaborator Tadklimp, revealing new subtle textures and sounds. It features the band’s mantra “The Loafers”, a minor radio favorite “Loose Force”, and offers new directions in songwriting and arrangements in “Template”, “All the Colours” and “Traumschiff”. The lineup of the band on this record is Bartholomew Ryan (vocals & guitars), Jonathan Jarzyna (guitars, vocals, bass, drums), Jaime McGill (clarinets), and Noni (xylophone, conga, sansula, guiro, shakers and lead vocals on “What is Love?”).