by The Loafing Heroes

Planets completes the trilogy of albums while based in Berlin. This album contains a murky collection of songs that opens with an ode to a lost superhero called “Mr. Clock” who seems to be superfluous to the modern world. “Wayanad” is named after a wild and beautiful area in south India, while “1990 Boys” has percussionist Noni at the vocal helm meandering through fragments of lost youth. “Prufrock” puts the words of T.S Eliot’s magnificent poem to music in a magical, spontaneous moment of recording. “Morning Light” is a warm, stripped down lullaby as dawn breaks; while the instrumental “Jingler” captures The Loafing Heroes in the early morning rehearsing and forging a song together as the birds chirp by the window. “Pilgrim’s Dream” is a vagabond’s paean to love; and the title track “Planets” is the farewell note that maintains the loafers’ themes of dreamfolk and wanderlust. The album is produced, mixed and mastered by Tadklimp. Tthe band lineup is Bartholomew Ryan (vocals, guitars and harmonica), Jonathan Jarzyna (vocals and guitars), Jaime McGill (bass clarinet and vocals), and Noni (sansula, xylophone, shakers and vocals), and Tadklimp (on guitar on “Mr. Clock” and “Prufrock”, and drums on “Wayanad” and “1990 Boys”).