by The Loafing Heroes

This is the first in the trilogy of Loafing Heroes albums made in Berlin. The album was recorded over three days at Duncker 88 by Michael Hall [aka Big Bear] and later with production help from Jas Langdon for “King of the Vagabonds” and “The Ones We Love.” The album also features a joyful ode to the Danish actress Anna Karina, and some of their most haunting tunes at that time in “Sunshine”, “Nature Boy” and “I Don't Care”. Some of Ryan’s earliest penned tracks were also included, such as “Transience”, “Faraway Love” and “Welcome to Vancouver”. Featuring Bartholomew Ryan (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica), Jonathan Jarzyna (electric and acoustic guitar, vocals), Jaime McGill (bass clarinet), and Michael Hall (backing vocals, and lead vocals and guitar on “The Ones We Love”).