WE DID IT! - Thank you to all you 96 Backers!! Now the Recording begins


WE DID IT!  (We made the Kickstarter goal, now step two - the recording of the new album!) 

A big thank you to each and every one of you 96 backers of this album project! We are so moved and encouraged by all the support! We are now in Berlin on Day 3 of the recording! We will send you some pictures of the studio in the next few days, but for now we´re sending a big hug and thanks to you all again. x

- The Loafing Heroes

New Album - Kickstarter now live!


Hello everyone! Our crowdfunding project to make our new album this July is now live (until the 5th July). But we need your help and in return you will receive a brand new Loafing Heroes album! It has been quite a journey so far - since the band's gentle beginnings in Denmark many moons ago, then loafing on through to Berlin and Dublin and onto Lisbon where we are now based in fine-tuning our dream-folk sound & vision. We're very excited with the possibility of your invaluable contribution and collaboration.

More info on project, goals, bio, etc below.



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