The Baron in the Trees

by The Loafing Heroes

The title of the album was inspired and borrowed from an Italo Calvino novel, recorded in Santa Engraçia in Lisbon, and produced and mixed by Tadklimp. Featuring once again an internationally diverse lineup - with Bartholomew Ryan from Ireland (vocals, guitars); Giulia Gallina from Italy (vocals, concertina, piano, glockenspiel); João Tordo from Portugal (double bass, guitar on “Javali”); Judith Retzlik from Germany (violin, trumpet, backing vocals); Jaime McGill from USA (bass clarinet, effects, pedals); João Abreu from Portugal (percussion). The album draws upon influences as eclectic as the members themselves, with haunting ballads giving way to smoky jazz numbers and then to dreamfolk songs—tales of loss and rediscovery, of isolation and transformation. Portuguese artist Sara Maia provides an enchanting painting for the album cover.